About EpicPro

It wasn't until our founder and CEO Rick Daniels, started his own CPA firm in the 1990s, that he realized the need for financial accounting systems while working with clients. In return, He began to learn and familiarize himself with such systems,and decided to become a value added seller for a seattle based software company. In 2014, he decided to buy full rights to the software and began a complete rewrite to utilize current technology.

He connected with one of the previous software engineers to start the mamoth task of converting the existing software into an ERP software. In 2016, his son Eric Daniels, was returing from his service in the United States Navy, and was asked to join the team to complete the first version of EpicPro ERP Construction Software.

The EpicPro team noticed that it could continue to expand into other markets easily due to the software being easily adjustable. Two more software developers were added to the team in 2017, one of which being Dominic Eppley, who helped develop the first version of EpicPro Manufacturing ERP software.